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Orders can be faxed, mailed or e-mailed


     Fax: 916-728-2998. Please include the dimensions of your final design.  Faxing can distort sizes.


     Mail: 7250 Auburn Blvd. #F. Any garment that is mailed will not be returned unless prior arrangements are made. Designs on either floppy or CD/DVD will be accepted.



Include all information

     Company Name, Phone Number, Contact Name, on all paperwork.

Once your order has been reviewed, you will receive a call from Extreme Stitch. Please include quantity, color(s) total height and width any angle requested and type of material. Please include the file names on any E-mail, Fax, or Mail you send.

Your Custom Artwork


     Files are acceptable in any of the following formats:


Corel Draw versions 9-12 *.cdr


Adobe Illustrator All versions 5.0/5.5  *.ai or *.eps


Bitmap any JPG  or BMP. If sending B/W or Gray Scale please indicate colors 300dpi.  No Lo quality web pictures. Llow quality artwork will either not be accepted or incure a “recreation fee” to alter your file. NO WEB CAPTURES


Embroidery Files any EMB or DST


     All fonts used in your design must be converted to curves/paths. You may include your custom font with your order.

     A printed copy of your artwork that indicates exact dimensions is advised. We will compare your printed copy with the file you send to ensure any difference in size or font.

     Please include a printout in all mailed disks.

     Please check all files on disks prior to sending. Finalize all CD/DVD.

Embroidery:  Embroidery pricing will be quoted on a piece by piece basis. Variables are as follows

Quality of art, size of final design, complexity of design, number of colors, type of garment, type of fabric. Embroidery files digitized by Extreme Stitch are the property of Extreme Stitch. Most chest logos run around $85.00, however this price will change depending on quantity and complexity of initial order.

If your order requires only the use of stock text with a stock design you will incur a setup fee but not a digitizing fee.


 All artwork MUST be modified for digitizing or cutting purposes.

     Setup Fee: $25.00 min. (usual)

     If more than ½ is required you will be notified in advance. Once you sign off on your order, artwork setup will be done and you will be charged for all work done at this point.

Reorders incur no art/setup charges please provide us with the date of order and your order number.

Custom orders are just that. CUSTOM they are made just for you. Please review your order thoroughly. Custom orders are nonrefundable/nonreturnable.

  The unauthorized use of registered trademarks and copyrighted logos or designs is illegal. When manufacturing products which use these logos, we assume that you have obtained permission. We can and do reserve the right to ask for written confirmation of your permission to use any copyrighted design. Extreme Stitch accepts no liability for any unauthorized use of any trademark or copyrighted material.

     We also reserve the right to refuse to digitize or cut any order which we determine could be offensive or allegedly a violation of any legal statute.

Extreme Stitch     916-726-2622     email: