The professionals at Extreme Stitch Embroidery will help guide you through the Varsity Jacket buying process. Bring what jacket awards you have and provide us about an hour to serve you. We will determine what size you are and work with you to determine how you want your jacket decorated. 

When you come to Extreme Stitch Embroidery, you will work one on one with a member of our experienced sales staff to assist you in designing your jacket. Your jacket will make a statement on campus highlighting your achievements, school spirit and your personality. 

Each Varsity Jacket is custom to you. We size you up for the body size, body length, sleeve length. Next you will select the color of the body, sleeves, neck and wrist trim style, along with the snaps and pocket trim.

Next, you will choose an embroidery package to go with your jacket. Published below are our three most common embroidery packages. Each one is custom to you and include the following: 

  • Top Lettering: This is the large lettering located on the back top of jacket.  You will select the font and colors. 
  • Bottom Lettering This is the large lettering located on the back bottom of jacket. You will select the font and colors. 
  • Design: This is a single stock design. You will select from our catalog a design to be sewn on the rear of the jacket. You will select colors for each element of the design, (ie, color of jersey, color of pants, color of shoes, color of stripe on shoe, ect.)
  • We sew on a customer supplied award letter.
  • Sew students name on the front. 
  • Supply and American Flag to be sewn on. 

Optionally you can also purchase additional patches, awards, and other custom achievements to be added to your jacket. 

Email us today or call 916-726-2622 916-726-2622 to learn how we can serve you.