Come Early Have It NOW!

Early Jacket Sales

Beat the rush. If you have a high school student who has lettered then read this! If you are looking to save some money and not wait for weeks and weeks then you should come check out Extreme Stitch Embroidery for your next Letterman Jacket. 

Varsity Jackets are a specialty of Extreme Stitch Embroidery. So many students wait until winter time to begin their Letterman Jacket only to discover everyone else has done the same thing. I encourage everyone to come in and get sized for a jacket. We can get your jacket made and waiting for winter decoration. Varsity Jackets require dozens of man hours to complete. A single jacket back logo can sew over the course of a couple of days. If you are in the market for a Letterman Jacket I suggest you come in before the rush. April - August will ensure a quick turn around of your jacket. Act now. Do not wait. 

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