What Is Tackle Twill And Why Do I Need It?

Tackle twill is the application of custom-cut twill lettering onto a garment. Any shape, letter, or design can be custom cut from a polyester twill material and sewn onto almost any garment for an extremely finished look. The twill is then stitched around the edges using a zig zag or dotted stitch path so that they are permanently fixed to the garment. Tackle twill is a great option for greek organizations, school sweatshirts, sports jerseys, varsity jackets and more!

Decorating your own garment

Custom apparel provides you the ability to distinguish your brand from your competition, while providing an excellent look. No matter what styles are going on in your industry, custom apparel lets your create something custom and one of a kind. It will be something no one else has.

Seeing your custom apparel worn by your staff, your customers, your friends, and family is:

a) promotes your brand 
b) promotes your style and attention to detail
c) advertises your business to an unlimited amount of people