Corporate Repeatability

So you have walked around a department store for hours looking for shirts that will work for your team or company. Your requirements are apparel that matches, looks good and has styles for both males and females. Will you find this? And once you find it will your local embroidery shop sew on it? Finally should you find what you are looking for will it be there in 2 months when you need more? Will they have your size? How about the size of another? Will you be stuck changing to a new style to keep everyone in similar apparel? 

None of this would be a problem if you purchase clothes from Extreme Stitch Embroidery. While styles and colors do change from year to year on certain items, many of our product lines have been available for more than a decade. This means that as team members change, employees come and go, you will be to come back to us and get more of the same, same colors, same styles, any often times same price. 

Give our sales staff at Extreme Stitch Embroidery a call next time your are looking for clothing that will need to match, be available year after year, in the same colors and styles. We are here to help you right now.  

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