Better Artwork Makes Better Embroidery

So you’re ready to place an order for custom embroidered clothing. What’s next? There are a couple of steps we will walk you through to make sure we have “high resolution or vectorized artwork” for your project. If you don’t have artwork, don’t worry, we can design it for you.

What’s a vector (AI, CDR or EPS) file?

A vector file is a scalable art file that is typically used with Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw design program. This type of file can be sized to any size document without any degradation or loss of clarity. It is the favored file format for most screen printer today. Your artwork can be sized to fit on large scale billboards or small t-shirts and still look great.

What do you mean by high-resolution artwork?

The high-resolution artwork is artwork that is clear and crisp when you zoom 100% on your computer screen. Normally the artist will set the resolution to 300 dpi (dots per inch). As you can see the image on the left is slightly blurred and distorted. The image on the right is clean and crisp without any distortions.

In order for a design to be printed or stitched, it is recommended to have sharp, clean edges in your artwork. If it is even a little blurry, it will affect the quality of the screen printing on your apparel. 


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